Many manufacturing factories and commercial places struggle to get rid of dirt regularly. We at hate seeing dirty surroundings, which is why we strive to provide a comprehensive range of Floor Washer Machine or Industrial Floor Scrubber to help clean.

Floor Washer Machine

The following are a few facts we need to know before we start:

  1. High-Pressure Jet Cleaners: What Are They?

A high-pressure Floor Washer Machine with Floor Cleaner Brush removes dust, grime, mud, mildew, and mold from surfaces by directing water at high pressure through a hose. The machines can be used with either cold or hot water and are available in electric and diesel models. Pressures can reach 130 – 250 bar.

Industrial Floor Scrubber
  1. Applications Of Floor Washer Machine

Using Floor Washer Machine, you can clean all your stubborn patches of dirt from industrial and commercial areas, including the food industry, automobile service stations, walkways, and restrooms.

  1. Industries related to food
  2. Service stations for automobiles
  3. Toilets, pavement, and washrooms


How effective is a hard floor cleaner?

A hard floor cleaner will work much better when combined with a cleaning solution, especially an antibacterial one.
Can we use Floor Washer Machine at home?
Yes! You can use Floor Washer Machine for home as well. This machine is available for both commercial and home use.

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