Lot of materials is used in construction industry but no one can beat the attributes offered by tungsten carbide. The combination of tungsten and carbon together produces an alloy which is an incredibly strong and sturdy material. For instance, tools like carbide strips are highly resistance to rust, heat, and scratches. Some of the incredible features of carbide include- excellent conductivity, high density, and three times harder than steel.

This durable material can be molded into different shapes and can be attached to other metals with ease. Moreover, it can also be sharpened into precision and can be used in a myriad of applications which has been discussed below.
Tools made up of carbide have a wide range of uses in the construction sector. For example, tungsten carbide plate is used for cutting wood, metal, and other materials. 65% of the construction sector depends on products made up of tungsten because of their incredible sturdiness and they’re not prone to wear and tear.
Tungsten is also used in creation of industrial alloys, surgical tools, jewelry, and mill products. You’ll be surprised to know that tungsten is also used in manufacturing of fish nets, and in applications like ski poles, and trekking.

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