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Setting Up Themed Based Indoor Playground For Kids

Indoor playground is quite different than outdoor and especially if it is for kids. We design and set-up indoor playground for kids and commercial purpose with customized play equipment and pieces. Our factory experts help in designing indoor themes for kids and even for adults.

Exciting Theme for the Kids

At Guangzhou Leqi Amusmement Equipment Co., Ltd.,we help in designing innovative and high end play products and each of it is available at affordable rates. The products are tested for the quality, strength, and its durability.

• There are versatile themes for the playground with use of different indoor play equipment. Our designs help in designing interactive toys and designs.
• These are perfect for kids as the arena promotes drilling, jumping, running etc. and hence keep kids active.
• There are different themes including pirate, jungle, ocean, frozen snowy, rainbow crotchet, volcano etc.

Installation of Unique Commercial Indoor Playground

The indoor playground is available in different types starting from large to small commercial indoor space. The soft play equipment for babies and kids adorn the space with exciting games and play pieces. The outer space has PVC covering and most of the parts are made from LLPDE plastics.

Colorful and Vivid Experience for Kids

We aim at providing vivid experience to the kids with use of creative and eco-friendly materials. With the installation manual and quick delivery, we ensure the indoor playground is set-up for an enjoyable experience.