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Zhuzhou Kerui Cemented Carbide Co. Offer High Grade Tungsten Carbide Rod

Summary: The following press release provides brief information about a renowned company that offers high-grade carbide rods for different purposes.

Zhuzhou Kerui Cemented Carbide Co. Ltd. is a renowned company known for the manufacturing of tungsten carbide rods. We are a professional tungsten carbide manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production, and sales. We are proud that our production team and sales team’s regular working knowledge is over 10 years; most practical and sales experts have been involved in this field for over 20 years.

Tungsten Carbide Rod manufacturers are one of the world’s companies that make super-durable tungsten carbide tools in China. Some of the common tungsten carbide tools of this company are as follows.

• Tungsten carbide dome button
• Carbide tips for BWE 1400L
• Carbide thrust block
• Carbide serrated insert

We are very effective against wear and tear. Any industrial tool that suffers from friction can improve its durability by using this material. We have advanced manufacturing tools and quality inspection instruments. We introduced Chinese tungsten carbide tools:

• Spray Dryer
• HIP Sintering Furnace
• CIP Machine
• Stress Relieving Machine

We have complete quality assessment instruments such as hardness tester, density tester, world-wide material testing machine, metallographic microscope, coercively tester, magnetic saturation tester, etc.

Our product choice covers carbide knob, carbide rod, carbide salver, carbide bar, carbide brazed tips, stone cutting tips, carbide end mill, as well as wear parts. We also have ironic OEM experience in producing upon customer’s sketch and design. Why people choose our services:

• 24 hours online inquiry and referring
• Online technical funding and after-sales service
• Sample for test

We are widely considered as processing technology for increasing production, reducing manufacturing costs. We have already dominated the high-performance tool market. Some special applications of high demand promote the development of special coating or precision coating. Our company offers tungsten carbide inserts wholesale options to clients. To check out the range of tungsten carbide, you can visit our official website. https://www.keruicementedcarbide.com