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5 Bright Makeup Ideas To Kick Off Easter Weekend

As is usually the case with clothes, when we stand in front of a crowded closet convinced that we have nothing to wear, the same often happens when it comes to make-up: a cosmetic bag is full of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and pencils in various colors, and we do not know from where would we go. To make your decision easier and help you create your distinctive Easter look we’ll tell you a few secrets on how to become Easter W2Naturals beauties.

Before we start with concrete examples, what is most important for each look is a good foundation as well as the most important thing, which is hydration. As one of the options, we offer you a couple of our products from the collections that you are probably already familiar with.

Vitamin C Serum – apply 2-3 pumps of serum after cleansing your skin and then put your makeup on. Ideally, use in the daytime to prevent UV damage.

Day Cream with Vitamin C- use a little amount before applying makeup and give your face a great base for makeup.

Hydralift Moisturizer- it’s a perfect first step of the morning skincare routine, and the last one before applying the makeup. Apply to the face and neck with light upward movements. Give yourself a face massage and then make an Easter miracle on your face!

For more products, check out our Rejuvenate Kit, Rejuvenate Starter Kit, and Vitamin C collections.

Keep reading to find some great suggestions for the perfect Easter Look.

1.Keep it simple, yet #Chic

For this look, you’ll need just 5 products, except one of our creams or serums we’ve already suggested to you. Liquid powder, bronzer, mascara, highlighter, and pink eyeshadow. Apply all of the above and then comb your eyebrows and make it look 100 times natural. Apply all of the above and then comb your eyebrows and make it look 100 times more natural.

This is a look that you can bring out as day, night, and makeup for special occasions just like Easter weekend.

2.Keep it simple, yet Chic Junior

Get ready for a simple and fabulous look. Find your mascara, liquid powder, bronzer, eyeliner, and some bright colored eyeshadow (apply only to the corner of the eye), for example, the yellow one- and let the magic happen.

You can also make a 90s ponytail and put some brown lipstick on and glow baby.

3.Diamond Look

For this diamond look, you’ll need pink or purple eyeshadow as well as tons of highlighter, purple lipstick, and shiny lip gloss.

No one will remain immune to this look so get ready to shine bright like a diamond.

4.Rainbow Bomb

This is a real Easter look. full of color, cheerful, playful, and striking. Not for those of a weaker heart!

You’ll need a rainbow-colored eyeshadow palette, a little bit of mascara, and liquid powder. Also, you can comb your eyebrow and put a vaseline to make them retain the shape.

  1. Universal look

If you are one of those who loves simplicity, security, and a natural look that suits every situation and event as well as Easter, we have prepared a look for you.

You’ll need a hydrating cream or good foundation such as a primer, good liquid powder, bronzer, and great lipstick and mascara.

You’ll look fresh and ready for the Easter party!

Hope we helped you with our suggestions!


Don’t forget how important facial care is after removing makeup. So after cleansing your face, use our skin hydration and nourishing products.

Ladies let’s kick off Easter Weekend with these great makeup looks!

Necessary Bathroom Accessories Everyone Needs

Bathroom is always overlooked when it comes to decorating your house. But a washroom is the area where you get cleaned up every day so it is also a very important part of your household.

The Foshan SAI MEI TE sanitary supplies the best equipment for your bathroom. They come at a pockets friendly price and also very durable and designed conveniently keeping the necessity of the customers in mind. There are few necessary accessories without which your washroom won’t be complete.

Cabinet for bathroom

A bathroom cabinet is necessary to add to your bathroom. As there are multiple nitty-gritty things like skincare item, lotions or toothbrush which need to be put in a separate area. Cabinets offer space for putting all your toiletries in an organized manner.

Tissue holder

•Tissue is a very important item that we need in our washroom.
•A tissue holder will make sure you take your tissue out easily without getting stuck.
•You place your tissue holders on your bathroom cabinet or fit them on the side of the wall.

Wall shelves

Bathroom wall shelves always come in handy if you have to hang your towel or bathrobe while taking a shower. The shelves keep your clothes and towel safely from getting wet while you take a shower.

Bathroom wall shelves are mainly available in stainless steel which is best suited for a washroom. As there is a lot of moisture in the washroom, stainless steel is the best material to use in your bathroom.

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How to Determine a Casino Is Trustworthy

As we are getting into a worldwide pandemic situation again, the popularity of virtual games and entertainment is growing more and more. Casino games online such as Interwin and more are also becoming a known name as a result. However, recognizing a trustworthy casino is elemental to ensure your money is secure and so is your device.

We have shared some tips and suggestions to recognize a trusted live casino Malaysia and play responsibly.


Find out as much as you can about the reputation of the casino you wish to join before you sign up and start playing. Ask your friends and family who indulge or go through reviews to know about the casino more.

Look for all the negative reviews and the consistency of positive feedbacks to get a good idea about the company.


The privacy and game policies of a casino can say a lot about whether it ranks about the trusted live casino Malaysia. So, make sure you read through these policies carefully. Here are few things to note:

• Security features and perks offered to the players
• Cash deposits required
• Adherence to gambling laws in the country.

When you are sure about all these factors about a casino, you can easily determine whether it is worth signing up for.

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Gas Hob Online

If you need to purchase a new gas hob you should head to the internet since you can find a huge array of options on the internet. There are numerous factors that you want to consider when you are looking at purchasing the right stove for your home, including the number of burners, connection type, and more. If you want to know more about this, then go ahead and keep reading on.

Tips to Consider

When you want to buy gas hob online you must know the factors that will help you with choosing the right stove for your needs. Some of the top factors include:

• Burners – You must think about the number of burners that you would have on the stove before you make any choice. Think about how many pans you might want to cook or use at the same time and then compare the number of burners that each stove model has.

• Price – Also, you want to consider the price and you need to have a budget set ahead of time. This will allow you to only look at the various stove models that you can afford rather than the ones that you can’t.

• Material – The material that the stove is made of would be another factor you should consider since there are numerous options. You might get one that is made completely of steel or there might be glass tops that you can pick from. Think about what the best material would be for your needs and which would be the easiest to use and clean.

• Maintenance – You also should think about the maintenance or cleaning of the stove and this needs to be done daily. You want one that can be easily wiped down and that won’t require any special cleaning solution to get the job done.

• Size – The size of the stove would also be something important since you want it to be able to fit into the area you have set aside. Ensure that you are measuring the area to see if the models you want would fit there easily.

• Connection type – The final factor to look at would be the connection type and this could be to a pipe or even a hose. Make sure to think about what type you would be using regularly and ensure that it would work well with that.

You must be using these factors and tips to help you with making the choice regarding which stove you would want to buy and use in your home.

Make sure that if you are starting the research to purchase one of the gas hob for sale models that you know the factors to consider. You want to think about how many burners they have along with the cost that you can afford to pay along with the materials. Also, you should think about the maintenance and cleaning that would be needed along with the size and the connection type that can be used.

How are electric cars beneficial to use?

Electric charging stations are important if you have an electric vehicle. All-electric vehicles don’t have a fuel tank – instead of topping your vehicle with gas, you just attachment your vehicle into its energizing station to fuel.

If you already purchased an electric vehicle, how are you going to charge your vehicle? How does charging work? Which E Car Charging Station is the correct one for me, and what do I have to remember when getting one? The answer to all your question is ELECTWAY.

Benefits of buying an electric car:

Get High quality

Excellent Equipment with sturdiness and administration ensure

Recoverable energy

Power is a sort of recoverable energy that can be moved starting with one source then onto the next.

Smart connected

Every one of the frameworks is entirely programmed and keen.

Quick installation

We are providing bother free establishment administration at your place.

Free Support

24*7 Free help from our best architects and our support team.

Access control

All the control frameworks are on the cloud, just as associated with your telephone.

Our central goal:

Make the world cleaner, save regular assets, make solace for individuals by offering the best quality Public EV Charging Stations. For more information, you can contact our top services providers or visit our site.

Get Quality CD & SD Card Duplication Services

Universal Video Conversions is a leading provider of CD and DVD solutions and services; it announced today it had launched a state-of-the-art online ordering system for professional quality CD and DVD printing. The new printing service makes the ordering of pre-printed blank CDs and DVDs a far more straightforward process for businesses and organizations that require branding for their discs.

We offer customers instant online quotes for both Bulk Duplication of SD CARD, 8 MM. Film 16MM, a facility to upload artwork, make a secure online payment, and even the ability to track the order online. Our new easy to use service not only offers grade ‘A’ writable discs but extensive choices of duplication options, including inkjet, thermal, silkscreen, and full-color duplication.

Film to DVD / External Drive Transfer is now viral for both large and small businesses, and that was one of the reasons we developed the new online ordering service. Our on-demand printing service is accessible 24 hours a day, and the free instant quotes give the customer the cost immediately, which is a significant factor.

Customers can order as few as 20 discs or several thousand for their business or organization. The new online ordering system also offers a wide range of packaging options, including CD and DVD cases, booklets, and inserts.

We offer:
• Excellent quality CD and DVD duplication and replication services.
• Media printing.
• Fulfilment services to businesses and organizations.

The company offers online and on-demand printing services for CD and DVD booklets, inlays, sleeves, and wallets. We specialize in Zip Drives to DVD / External Drive Transfer and video to DVD transfers and have been in business. We provide consumers and small/medium companies with technologically advanced and affordable disk imaging, easy-to-use system snapshot, recovery, partitioning, and bare-metal restoration software and solutions.

Contact Details:

Business Name: Universal Video Conversions
Contact Person: Vern
Address: 200 West Higgins Road, Suite 200D, Schaumburg
Country/Region. The USA. Midwest
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Postal Code; IL 60195
Phone No; 888 864 8409, 1847 781 0077
Email address:
Website URL:

SILVER BAY TRANSLATIONS: The best German translation services New Jersey

SILVER BAY TRANSLATIONS is offering one of the best and accurate German translation services New Jersey. We’ve been associating organizations and people all throughout with rapid and precise understanding of translation services.


It is safe to say that you are prepared to get familiar with how we can uphold your business’ requirements? You can read this content to know more about our working style.

Our working culture

We are driven by high tech ability to accept current tech. Our team is working all time using their expert knowledge at the core prosperity.

Our interaction

We stay focused on giving superb quality and administration to our customers en route. Upheld by industry-driving innovation, we give clients constant admittance to work processes.

You can visit our site to study the cycle behind working with us.

What services we are offering?

Translation & confinement

With a group of various linguists, project administrators, and topic specialists, we support the interpretation needs of over remarkable vertical business sectors.

Concurrent and continuous translation

Have any business meeting, lawful meeting, or worldwide conference you need a sequential or synchronous mediator for? We have you covered.

Media: voice over work and file translation

Regardless of whether it’s voice over work, dialogue translation, or document language translation, our expert translator and editors will assist you with reproducing content in any new dialect.

Our goal

SILVER BAY TRANSLATIONS is offering complete security to your documents. We are going to maintain the security of your confidential documents.

With the aim to provide the accurate translation, our experts also make sure that you receive unified Literature translation services new Jersey.

With the accurate translation, we are also making it sure that what we translates is always effective to read.
So hire SILVER BAY TRANSLATIONS for Affordable Translation Services New Jersey today!

Contact Details:

Street Address: 926 Haddonfield Rd #650
Country: USA
City:Cherry Hill
State: NJ
Postal Code:08002
Phone: 888-823-9356